It’s ok to just be ‘ok’.

This week I was not inspirational, neither did I do anything that I would class as exceptional.

I taught to the best of my ability and ensured that the children went home to their parents in one piece.  Most of them even went home with the correct school jumpers!

I managed to get myself out of bed, dress in a shirt that was ironed and attended work every day.  I marked all my books and assessed where my children are in order to plan the next sequence of work.

I supported my colleagues with issues and attended meetings that were important to the running of the school.

This may all sound a little flippant, but it’s important to realise that Twitter is not a true reflection of teaching life.  It is a brilliant place to share ideas and learn from wonderful people, but often the things we see are the edited highlights that people choose to share.  Who could blame them for this? We all want to be seen in the best light.

The problem arises though that some students, NQT and even experienced teachers are trying to chase this perfection in an arms race.  No one can be outstanding ALL of the time (not even me – I wish).  We all need to be a little more honest about our failings as well as our successes.

Those of us who have been teaching for longer than we would care to admit, need to model that it is ‘ok to be ok’.  Sometimes turning up to do your job to the best of your ability and go home is enough.

In any other job, people rock up, get paid, go home and then enjoy their free time.

In teaching, we are always chasing that next big strategy or resource.

Don’t get me wrong. Innovation is good.  Sharing is good.  Striving to be better is good.

Honesty is better!  You are human and will have days where you are smashing it.  You will also have times where it feels like you are running through treacle.  When those days come, make yourself the main focus and concentrate on your core role.  Turn up, teach the kids and keep them safe.

We are the leaders of our own work-life balance and welfare.  We need to realise that WE ARE ENOUGH.


Sometimes it is OK to just be OK.


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